2. Boston

Boston is a somewhat small big city with an attitude. The city has some of the most prestigious universities in the world too. Maybe that’s why it is the eighth most literate big city in the U.S. Also, most of the residents have college degrees. It also has some of the most successful sports franchises. But what really makes you sit up and take notice of Boston is its culture, the parks and the suburban quality of life. Several of the parks were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted; with the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard being considered one of the finest worldwide. In addition to these parks located throughout the city, on the grounds of the old Boston State Hospital, the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Boston Nature Center is located.
Now, if you are from a government or military job, Massachusetts may be the place for you. Exempt from state taxes are most public pensions, which is more money in your pocket. There is a problem with traffic congestion though, so many locals use the train system; which is excellent, walk or bicycle to work. Weather wise, Boston does get severe storms; however, and an occasional hurricane; and once in a while a nor’easter. But the residents just hunker down with the old seafarer’s attitude toward storm and sea.

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