3. Los Angeles

Los Angeles has something for everyone; except cold snowy winters and it’s known for its movie stars and sunny weather. It’s also the second largest metropolitan area in the country. In Los Angeles there are 250 distinct neighborhoods, and one is sure to suit your needs. And if you enjoy eating out, the variety is overwhelming. From Thai Town in Hollywood to Beverly Boulevard and downtown where the sophisticated restaurants are located there is sumptuous food galore. Plus there’s even an old fashioned chili joint called Pink’s in West Hollywood; whatever you’re craving is available.

For things to do there are golf courses, ski resorts, miles and miles of beaches, and the Angeles National Forest. The Mojave Desert and Joshua Tree and Death Valley National Parks are within driving range. There are aquariums, a world class zoo, art museums, live theater and historic architecture. However; on the downside, there are earthquakes; threats of violent crime by gangs as in any really huge city, wildfires, and windstorms. You won’t be bored though, however you look at it.

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