Experts at the University of Otago just announced that they’re in the running to be the biggest buzzkills on the planet.

In a recent study, they’ve discovered that even one glass of alcohol can directly lead to mouth and throat, larynx,

esophagus, liver, colon, bowel and breast cancers.

And here I thought 7 was a lucky number.

Jennie Conner, an epidemiologist and author of the commentary on the study, said that with respect to cancer, there is no safe level of boozing, and any purported health benefits peddled by marketers are “seen increasingly as irrelevant in comparison to the increase in risk of a range of cancers.”

The World Cancer Research Fund’s Susannah Brown said, “This review is solid evidence to conclude that alcohol consumption directly causes cancer.”

Research shows that out of 200 women who do not drink, 109 will develop breast cancer. The number rises to 126 for women that consume 14 servings per week and skyrockets to 153 out of 200 for those that consume between 14 and 35 servings.

The study was published in the medical journal Addiction, and links alcohol consumption to half a million deaths per year, roughly 5.8% of all deaths caused by cancer.

You can read the published study right here.

Will this news change the way you consume alcohol at all?