8 Hacks That Will Save You Money Every Time You Shop at Amazon

So few of us know how to save money on Amazon, because we think we’re getting the best deal. We hope to catch the best Amazon deals at random, and rarely put much thought into it. Our tips will show you have to save money on Amazon so keep reading!

1. Sign up, then cancel your free trial of Amazon Prime

Shoppers can sign up for a 30-day, free Amazon Prime trial, which offers free two-day shipping and special discounts. You can take advantage of the freebies and offers before the trial runs out, and then cancel before the $99 annual fee is automatically charged to your card.

You can also get deals on kid and baby stuff with Amazon Family program which is free for Amazon Prime members.
Amazon Family offers great deals on baby registry items and essentials such as diapers, wipes and other gear. Once you see how good 20 percent off your diaper order feels, you might never go back to a big-box store.

2. Sort out all discounted products

Here’s a precious hack that you’ll thank your stars for: add the code &pct-off= at the end of the URL plus the discount amount you want to check out. For example, if you want to see items with a 50-60% markdown, put in &pct-off=50-60 at the end of the Amazon URL.

You’ll immediately see the choices you want. You’re welcome.

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