smoking200There are many harmful toxins in the cigarettes which damage the body including nicotine which can cause high blood pressure and lungs damage. If you stop smoking, the nicotine effect will last for years. When the smoker inhales the nicotine is absorbed through the skin as well as the mucosal linings in the nose, mouth, and lungs, traveling through the bloodstream to the brain. Nicotine may also lead to insulin sensitivity and resistance, increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Moreover, it affects the thyroid, pituitary, sex, and adrenal hormones. Luckily, there are foods which can help you flush out the nicotine as well as other toxins from your body. Check them out:nicotine

1. Water: water is the drink of life. Water flushes out the toxins from the body through your skin. Also, nicotine dehydrates the body, so you need water to re-hydrate the body, 8-12 cups of water is the recommended dose of water daily.

2. Broccoli: broccoli contains high levels of vitamins B5 and C, and the broccoli protects the lungs from damage.

3. Spinach: spinach makes tobacco tastes bad, and it also is rich in vitamins and folic acid.

4. Dry herbs: dry herbs reduce nicotine in the body, and they are rich in vitamins A and E.

5. Berries: berries flush out harmful toxins in the body.

6. Oranges: oranges contain high levels vitamin C, boost your metabolism, and reduces stress.

7. Kiwi: kiwi replenishes vitamins A, C, and E that smoking reduces.

8. Carrot juice: carrot juice has vitamins A, B, C, and K that eliminate nicotine from the body. Carrot juice is high in vitamins that replenish the skin’s nutrients to make it glow because nicotine makes the skin look dull.

9. Pomegranate: pomegranate helps the blood circulation and blood cell count.

So, if you’re thinking about smoking or you’re trying to quit, try these foods to help you quit smoking or to help you resist smoking.